There will be sun.

I got a moment to have porch time with my pal Elizabeth yesterday. It's a first. She showed up and was way overdressed and immediately realized her mistake.

She was soon without shoes and had shed her vest and sweater. Bisbee weather does require layers in the cooler times, but porch time is about really getting the sun in your bones and warming to the core. It was easily 67 degrees on the porch. And in direct sun, that's damn near my old time California upbringing comfort zone type of weather! I was pretty happy and it was the first porchy downtime at home I have had in weeks.

Life has been full and that has kept my brain from spinning too much. Love that.

The way energy has been swirling around me I have had some good things coming into my view... a couple job related things, with both most likely fizzling out due to my not being willing to devote steady hours to either. I just can't stop going to other places to do things that light me up and most of those pay better than a month's worth of what job I have at home. And if they don't pay in money, they pay in goodness. There is something to that too. Big time.

Early morning caffeinated ramblings. My brain only has one difficult thing immediately pending... I need to have a hard conversation with a friend of mine about her drinking. I got 3 midnight drunk dials and a text after I spoke to her when she was already shit-faced at 9pm.. I know these kinds of talks can make a difference, but they can also have people leave your circle. I'm the one that will be fine either way... she on the other hand has a lot to lose. Big job, big money lots of responsibility. Oy.

And Ugh.

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