Last night.

Went out to hear my pals in Markey Blue last night. I actually got to see Ric and Markey from the band for breakfast that very morning, but this was the night of their big sold out show in Donalson. A fun outing with my pals David, Kathy, and Andy T. I have gotten a lot of music outings on this trip... And I have pretty much done music stuff and eat. And then eat some more. Way too much eating. 

Good thing I am leaving Nashville soon. I will be the fat lady at the circus if I stay here much longer.  I can't really blame Nashville or Franklin for eating a bunch. Just old habits of numbing out with food while I feel kinda out of options for tour managing. It's true.. I try not to let that stuff get to me, but I just  wanna tour manage and it really does seem to be moving away from me.  

I am really good at wanting things I can't have. Big lessons live inside those tail-chasing patterns. Time for simple gratitude. 

Happier note: I did have lunch with The Mangler the other day... The most famous road manager of all time in my book. He told stories of touring with Emmylou Harris.. and of leaving asshole people behind at truckstops on purpose. That is so rad! 

I'll move gently forward with my day. Less food. And some doses of gratitude.

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