Last morning in Hampton.

Kelly. Fucking. Murphy.
She up and got married in a blizzard. The worst blizzard Smithfield had seen in 30 years. And about 280 people showed up and had a love fest around her and her now husband Steve. So many exceptional examples of the kind of people we should all want to be.

This is a very rare community of people. Bisbee comes close. But these folks over here are really held/brought together so often as a result of...
Guess who?

Kelly. Fucking. Murphy.

She is a force! She is a great role model. And best of all.. She is one of my dearest and best friends.

I have pretty much seen all of the women who I hold nearest and dearest to my heart since mid November. I have spent time in various cities to get this to happen and it has been the best couple of months I could have asked for in finishing and starting 2015/2016.

I feel renewed and gratitude is flowing through me. There is no doubt that I am possibly one of the luckiest human beings on the planet given the depth of friendship I have gotten to experience in my lifetime. And now I head back to Tiny Town to my bestest Mother Unit and the BFF Elizabeth. I got stuff to do before I take off again in Feb. I gotta get rid of the food baby I am carrying.. And there is some things to move out of my tiny house. And there is a oinball machine to get in my kitchen.

Ok let's go!

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