Who isn't supposed to still be traveling?
Who had a flight get cancelled last night in Detroit?
The consolation was supposed to be the comp hotel. But really, 4 hours of sleep only to have one of those dumb Keurig pieces of shit in your hotel room as a coffee maker really are just 2 things that didn't make much difference.

The news that a bunch of major snow is heading towards where I am flying to is no big suprise either.

Drop back and punt. I am heading into a huge group of people I love... and my cat.

The big question will be do I get to fly out of Norfolk or will there be a snowy mess screwing everything up? But I have the better part of a week to see how that pans out. Can't fix the weather. Only my attitude.

I am flying without having had coffee. My current attitude is that I am sad and lonely without my coffee. But I will grab one somewhere in the airport. And then again in Norfolk. All hope is not lost. Not by a long shot. Coffee will happen and I know I fly today. I will be a tad concerned for all of my pals driving from TN and elsewhere. Maybe the guest list is gonna be shrinking a bit... And really, missing this wedding would be a real sad moment. So I got the un-caffeinated gratitude flowing.
It's flowing slowly.. But it's there.

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