Yeah.. So, this is the first time in about a month and a half that I have shaved my legs. It took forever. But, with a 72 degree day on deck you gotta know I am in shorts.

There is some interesting possibility swirling around. I had contacted a band about a month ago (I was in Canadia Land) when I got word they were looking for a tour manager. A few emails flew back and forth. I figured they had found someone already as I had not heard from them. And then a call comes in and it's the dude from the band. Apparently, I am the most experienced TM they are considering. How about that? Getting old and refusing to completely give up pays off in weird ways. I dunno if I am really gonna get it but I do know it kinda feels like my last chance to get out and be with the one job that is my calling. And iffin it doesn't come through, I have a good life over here that I can keep plugging away at. The main detractor is time away from The Mother Unit. I gotta figure that out. Prolly means more flying for me if it is a go. All I know is the band has energy.. Something
that has been missing from much of the scant touring I have done over the last couple years.

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