Adios, Amigos..

My friends who I am staying with in Kansas City, flew off to Puerto Vallarta this morning at the crack. I slept in and jumped into my one day dog-sitter duty at 7:30 am. I check into the Westin this afternoon.

The days with Charles and Kelly have been as if no time has elapsed.. silly as always, full of laughter, crass jokes, great food and lots of awesome friendship in general.  That's how you know true pals. So grateful. And their schnauzer, Chase is snuggled up next to me taking his third or fourth nap of the morning as I catch up on a couple on emails and book flights for Sea Level and Blackberry Jam. Got great prices on both. Saving probably close to $150.00 over last years prices.

I am certainly aware of how I am not positioned at this time to be frivolous with anything.. this could be a very lean year for me. While I am talking to potential co-conspirators about ways to have music coming through Tiny Town, and maintaining my 3 day work week... all in all, I know my bills will get paid and I won't starve.

After that all bets are off.

With the pinball machine as my last great extravagant purchase, I finally concede that it's time to pay attention and put money away for my golden years. I gotta make that fun somehow. Right now that feels un-fun.

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