And at 11:33..

What the hell you say?

Go on guess which band... Ayup. 


Ninja gig on The Link Bridge. I got the nod from the ever so awesome Meredith to pop out and see this. And holy crap!

I will say this was a damn fine time in KC for me, and even though I am coming down with something.. I am pleased. Working on the inevitable little letdowns about returning to my tiny life in my tiny town, but my heart is freakin'full as is my belly with too much of everything. 

Mpress Records, I thank you!

The ever lovely Rachael Sage and Kelly Halloran and the trusty pal and tour mgr extraordinare, Meredith Tarr kicked ass.. took names.. and let me play in the sandbox again. And for that I am supremely grateful. And that is saying something on only about 3.25 hours of sleep. I'm so tired I don't really wanna face the hassle of looking for my ipod. 

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