In the morning light...

I love it.. 

Of course I do. It is one of the only true loves of my life I can actually get to be with. 

I have not been playing it all day and night. I have been working long hours to get the coffers refilled. There is a sense of calm when I play it though. Now that it lives here I can just ease into it. Plus I made a promise to myself that I too would pay to play it. So I gotta get my quarters together. There are a couple glitches with it too. It does not like the cold. And my house is hella cold this morning. It's about 40 degrees in here. 

How do I know it doesn't like the cold? The number display/score doesn't light up when it's cold. When the machine came in from the back of the truck Tues, once it got inside in the semi-heated house it lit up.  Couple little things... But it's more about playing it than a score. 

Today being my first day off with it will bring my headphones with a killer playlist and pinball moment. So Tommy (the movie).

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