This guy!

Oh Marvin...

This is pretty damn pathetic. A damn picture of a cat I call mine, that isn't mine.. being so adorable. Fucker! I don't even really like cats! 
Except for Marvin. 

Yeah well...whatever. 
I am doing the last minute crunch as usual to pack for Folk Alliance. With an added 3 days on the front of the trip with two of my dearest friends, Charles and Kelly. It's been 6 years since I have seen them. Shit. Too long. 

I am gonna pop over to KBRP this morning with Darlingside cd's in hand to hand to my buddy Noah to spin on his show. Maybe I will grab a Mia Dyson older disc too.. Both are going to be at Folk Alliance. Can't wait. 

The one thing I could wait for is the weather in Kansas City tomorrow..

A faaaaaar cry from the perfect porch weather we are having in Tiny Town right now. 

Here come the layers. 

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