One foot... in front of the next.

I have had little patience at work. Which is a bummer. I am the moody Cancer that I try not to be most of the time. My stress level higher because of things shifting around me, and my happy level dipping a bit. Hate that... but I gotta take extra good care and pay attention to what I need to do for myself.

I wanna run away and sit on a beach... with a dog at my side.  That feels so sweet and safe in my heart. I will just pretend, I guess.

I have a couple days off and I have house projects that need attending to. The front porch has soft spots that are becoming a bit bouncy, and I have a ceiling in a closet that I should patch as this is most likely where the random wasp (or four) are getting in from the ceiling area over my bedroom that is unfinished attic type space. Of course that means pulling everything out... ugh. And hiring my pal Ben to assist. It'll be messy and probably expensive.. which is why I keep putting it off. But really, coming home to wasps INSIDE the wee house is seriously unsettling.

Time to act.

I just got a small tax refund from the state so I have incentive.. or at least I can maybe get the materials and then next weekend do the work with Ben.

I am out of sorts mostly because of the Mother Unit's health, and also partly because this is the first year I haven't worked SXSW in the last few years and it adds to the feeling that getting to work with music is moving away from me.  Pinballs IS a consolation and a decompressing activity.. but the underlying stuff is still there.  I'll play a few games this weekend for sure.

I love my High Speed... I do think I am gonna have to name it some foul mouthed, expletive.. I do tend to get a little disappointed when I don't get it all lit up and make all the good things happen.

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