The shitstorm recedes.

After a long day at the job yesterday, I started to feel like I didn't want to flee.

Things have smoothed over a bit and my attitude has mellowed  back into not being an asshole.  At least not as much of an asshole.

I don't know what I could have done differently... I'm just glad I have managed to get through it without running away.  I am not as strong internally or spiritually as I'd like to be. But I put up a good front. I am so lucky to have a week away to go work the Sea Level Festival in VA next week. I can get a good dose of community, music and of course.. this guy:

My love for that toothless fucker does not diminish...

I am on the mend emotionally. The Mother Unit gave me a pass on doing a quick trip up to The Baked Pueblo today as I will come up a day early before I leave next week..  yay.  A big relief.

And now time to get ready for the Bisbee Women's Club monthly mtg. Gonna hang with the ladies.

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