Moving in day.

Kurt and his donuts that I used to help lure him over for help with the heavy stuff. This guy did me a big old solid yesterday. All the big stuff is there, just need to get the bed frame under the bed.. after I get it out from under The Mother Unit's current bed (ugh.. why did I have to pile all of that stuff on her bed from the dressers??) and then set up the room.

 Now, the setting up of the room was something I wish I had done yesterday... but I thought I was meeting with the guy to go over the long term insurance claim.. so I headed back towards the center of town. And then he put me at 8:30 this morning. So it's another totally crunched for time day on my end, but nothing as stressful as almost getting that doctor appt cancelled on us.

I am hoping this raging headache I have is because the jitter juice hasn't kicked in yet, but I fear that this might be a dehydration/stress/emotional one. Just being honest.

 And with all of that said.. The Mother Unit is moving out of rehab and into this place. And if she doesn't like it.. we can get her someplace else. This is a bit more than testing the waters. And I know that she will be one of the more capable,present residents. And I have dared her to outlive the LTC ins benefit.

It's all uncharted territory for both of us. I dunno if I have done this very well. But I know I am chipping away at it and I know that I love my little Mother Unit something fierce. My pal K.K. was right.. you are never ready for this.

I will say that tour managing taught me so much about dealing with problems flying at you. And with change. Perhaps I had the gift of that job in my life to better prepare me for this. Who knows? 

Moving/set-up day. Deep breaths.. just do the next right thing..and do the best you can.

 And for fuck's sake, make the coffee fix the headache.

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