Not even hot... yet.

A long day... but not even 100 degrees here so... BONUS!

And I am still up and not tired. That's gonna make for sleepy me in the morning. But, that's ok. I have a 9:30 am meet-up with The Mother Unit for a dr appt schlep.

The day was semi-productive. I rolled in a bit later than the time I usually do, so it was a rough start right off the bat. We still waited at dialysis. After the time with the mom,  I got to see my life coach pal and get a little pat on the back for how I am being proactive with the resume and thinking outside the box. I hope my good energy doesn't get crushed immediately... I could benefit from a good run of energy and luck.

Fingers crossed... doing what seems to be the next right things.

Get to see Game of Thrones as my tv bonding time with The Mother Unit tomorrow. And I think I will be making a late afternoon trek back home. Have an invite to gather with friends tomorrow evening at 5 pm here in The Baked Pueblo, but I can grab time with these pals next week or in Nashville when they go back to Bowling Green KY, where they live now.

I did put out a text to my sweet friend, Mama June about the possibility of her making a chess pie for me when I am in Franklin.. so that my Bowling Green pals can drive down, spend time and have a delish dessert made by someone who knows how to do it right. She said she'd love to make one for me. I have good friends.

I am finishing watching "Meet Joe Black" on the television... and I can probably think about going in and trying to get some sleep. Maybe I'll be more tired when I lay down? Dunno... maybe not.  Guess I'll give it a shot..

Hell, I didn't even have late coffee!

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