By the time you read this...

By the time you read this, it will be all over.

I will have put the 50th year of my life behind me.

One of the best ever.

What made it so good?

Choosing powerfully.
Allowing things to flow.
Letting go.

I did things that I never thought I'd get to/have to do.

And I learned..

And now on this first morning of my 51st year, I have no idea how I can top 50, but I tell ya what, being all about the love and surrounding myself with the good folks I get to have in my world, and letting my shindig-loving/odd side shine again... just makes trying to makes trying to top 50 sound like so much fun!

I will take authentic, fat, happy, profane, broke, married to a pinball machine over popular, skinny, wealthy, look good, say what people want to hear any day.

Deal me in for 51!

And seal the deal with a watermelon Eegee!!

Photo taken prior to the bday...
but.. Eegee's with The Mother Unit!

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