If ever there was a time for good coffee... it's now.

There are times when the coffee feels needed.

Today is one of those times. The 3 shots of espresso I had later in the day yesterday made for a bit later of a night than planned. And the day on deck has a long list of to-do's.

I am a bit tired, and that can be fended off with the morning coffee ritual. The fact that I am drinking a super fresh Kenya roast is a real benefit. The folks at the shop tell me that there has not been a Kenya there for over a year. And lemme tell ya, it's freakin'  delish! Another winner in the coffee column.

After work, I should be having a tearful reunion with my pal Anson tonight up in The Baked Pueblo as he tours through with a blues outfit. Gonna be a really long day. More afternoon espresso will be had. Pretty much guaranteed at this point.

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