50 Degree Morning.

50 degrees.. Fall is here in Bisbee.

I found a buyer for my large rolling workbench that has lived in my kitchen as a desk/flat surface/sometime eating area. Right now it is covered with crap that needs to find a new home, but soon it will be living at Old Bisbee Roasters as a workspace. That won't happen till the end of the month, but getting it a new home was a big part of the puzzle in the shifting of energy/functional nature of my kitchen. The shifting energy here at home is keeping me on my toes.

Everything feels completely overwhelming, but it's all good..  after talking to the production mgr at my venue for Americana Fest, I feel better about the flow of what needs to happen. I just have no downtime here at home before I go to do anything.  I might have to ditch opening up Culture Pirate on Sunday to be able to get ready for the trip.

Did I mention it's 50 degrees out there? There is no open door..(too cold!) and this means it's gonna be total Chamber of Commerce Weather down here in Tiny Town. And, I gotta say it feels really good to have an internet connection that is not a struggle. I feel like I am in a new era of being good to myself. That works!

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