International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Yes it is!

Will I be talking about lilly livered bastards and scrurvy wenches?  Probably a little, but my brain is consumed with Americana Fest to be honest. That's good... my head is in the game. I have a bunch to do yet.. and basically I will have a bunch to do till next Monday.

The wee blog might be a little more interesting during that time, as I fully intend on getting some good pics to share. And, I am ready to hear a crap ton of great music!

Oh... and did I mention I have tix to the actual Americana Music Awards show at The Ryman?  Holy crap!

In a world where people are putting explosive devices all over NY and NJ, and the upcoming election is making people crazy, I am just gonna put one foot in front of the other and move to the next right thing. And that is going to stage manage a gig I really want to kick ass at. That's kinda all I know at this moment.

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