I did handiwork when I got off work early.. I should have been running all over town doing other things, but opted to try to get some things done for me.. here at my house.

Hell, it's National Taco Day... To all who celebrate,

I celebrated with a trip to a local place for Taco Tuesday with my bestie. This special holiday called for me to slow down just a bit and be at home. I put some IKEA stuff together and found mindfulness in the task. I am pretty good at IKEA assembly.. after 2 kitchens, I ought to be.

The tiny house is once again in complete disarray, but it is with a purpose. The big workbench will go out by this weekend, and then I need to get the base of the booth removed so it will fit in the door. After that, it's just a little more playing House Tetris to get stuff out/throw stuff out and find new homes for the stuff that stays.

So glad nothing major is on my calendar for a bit.. I need a fucking break.

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