The wait was over.

I got to see Darlingside at Club Congress last night, and they did not disappoint.

With talent like that, the only thing that could have made it not good was if the sound was off.. but it wasn't. These guys are the best of the best at harmonies and being multi-instrumental top notch artists. Sweet, funny, smart, and engaging as hell.

I got in a little pinball before the gig, and made some plans for a flipper rebuild on High Speed.. then dragged my pals who own the pinball place to Darlingside along with me.

I brought the band some coffee, and they were super appreciative. Free coffee always sounds great. And once they try this wonderful coffee, hopefully they realize it's truly the good stuff! I reiterated that I would have them in Bisbee eventually.. oh yes.. it will happen. It just may be a year or three.

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