Let it fester.

Know what is no fun?

Skin cancer.

Skin cancer is seriously no fun. What makes it bearable? Efudix. That's a cream that is liquid chemo and it bubbles the bad stuff out of your bad spots. But, you look like you got in a bad scuffle with something that had very ill intentions towards you.  It only mangles the parts where you really have the cancer.

My nose is becoming tattered.

All those years of beach time, topless jeep rides, and Arizona sun have made their mark. Again.

I have done this a few times and I always get a spot here or there. And it's usually on my face. Good thing I am not vain.

I put in a 11 hour day today. In order to get the time to go to the Bisbee Women's Club I went in at 7.. went to the meeting at 11 and went back to work till 6. I need more of that.

Or I guess I can paint my kitchen.. and I guess I could start prepping that tomorrow after work. Why the hell not? I have paint... and the workbench is gone. May as well.

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