Thankful? Yes. Ready for Bisbee Home Tour Weekend? No.

Yesterday had me bringing food and smiles to  The Mother Unit and her pal Sandy.

Today is playing catch up at work (a hundred or so extra lbs. of coffee perhaps?) and then going right to The Serbian Hall in Warren to do a volunteer slot for the Bisbee Women's Club Annual Home Tour and Chair Auction. And then all day Saturday volunteering for that as well. The later part of the day has me docenting a house with Elizabeth, so that should be our own extra brand of fun.

There is a full weekend to continue the kitchen painting next weekend... and there was progress made in getting the place pulled together over here at the wee house before I scooted up to The Baked Pueblo yesterday, and I even did a pile for brush and bulky collection at my mom's house.

There is still much to do all around. Everywhere it seems. Boredom is being held at bay for sure.

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