Lava then Laundry

I have never had a lava lamp.

Till now.

At the Bisbee Farmers Market, I got one for $5.00.

This was the easy part of the day.

Then it got heavy.


I had arranged to get manly help to move the stackable washer dryer. Getting it unhooked and out of the wee house was easy. Getting it into the new house was hard. Let's just say that some walls and trim were a bit of a casualty and we actually had to grease the sides of it to get it through the last door into the laundry room.  Bob #2 who was the main dude, was brilliant.

Still gonna need some tinkering. An extension cord for the 220v plug, and an extension for the dryer vent.  Ultimately the plan to scoot it in the cubby to the right in this pic will work, but it's been a difficult process today.

So grateful for strong guy friends with appliance moving equipment. It was pretty much a miracle it got in there.

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