Limp wristed.

Oh boy.

I am not used to having a full night in Tucson. 

There was nothing on the schedule after I left The Mother Unit at Planet Starfishy, so I headed to D and D Pinball with my bag of quarters and I played a shit-ton of pinball. 

The new Rob Zombie machine was there as hoped and it was a serious challenge and a near seizure inducing multi-ball with 7 balls at once and some great music. 

It's Rob Zombie forfuckssake!

You can't even come close to mastering a machine like this unless you are a total pinball geek. The best I can hope for is to know a few of the different modes and to try and hone my aim a bit. It was designed for true pinball players.


I love pinball.. and I don't totally suck at it. But I am a novice and this machine lets me know just where I stand. 

It has an adult mode that lets the F-bombs fly too!

And I played so much pinball my wrists hurt. And it was good.


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