I hate hot weather.

It used to be I could say I was more accustomed to the mid 70's to low 80's as this was the temperature of my youth in California. Nowadays high temps are the norm in Southern California, and even here in Bisbee, it's getting to be seriously hot with this heat wave that is happening. Not cancel your flight hot like in Phoenix. And I sure hope I am not screwed on my flight on Wednesday. But it's hot enough to leave the swamp cooler on all night, in hopes of keeping the house comfy.

The possibilities of unreasonably high temperatures in AZ are frightening. Is it really going to hit 120 in Phoenix? I always feel like being in Nashville in late June is pretty tough with temps in the high 90's and deadly humidity. So I guess I'll have some gratitude for getting away from AZ for a brief moment to go do my Blackberry Jam gig. And am I most likely driving to The Baked Pueblo as it's 115 degrees? Quite possibly.



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