Tennessee Whirlwind .


That was fast.

Back from TN and The Blackberry Jam Festival. Lots of work to get it all done, but we threw a party! Our headliner this year is one of those artists who should be a household name, but isn't.

Jason Eskridge totally killed it! He opened with Prince's 1999. And this was not your ordinary cover of Prince. I gotta scour the internet and see if it's posted anywhere. We will get access to the whole show that was live-streamed eventually.

I am a bit sore and a bit tired, and a whole bunch filled up with goodness. The time with my friends was beyond expectation. I saw ALL of my good friends in TN in one visit.

We brazenly trekked off to Muscle Shoals yesterday morning to go visit the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Recording Studio. All I can say is Holy Shit! The music that was recorded in that building was some of the best.

I'll get pics up later. I am gonna be in transit back to Tiny Town in about 10 minutes. I will be hard at work getting back to the coffee gig, and trying to line up someone to build an awning at the house to prevent water from coming in the house during monsoon.

Hot weather.
Hot coffee.
But I got a good a/c in my car for the ride.

Grateful for everything in my world. Looking for all the goodness out there on this day. So lucky to have gotten to do this long weekend in TN.

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