In the 520.


It's what's for dinner.

The Mother Unit was admitted to the hospital so of course hauled up to The Baked Pueblo. I got up there and she was pretty out of it. I asked if she was sedated, and they went through the chart and told me she was given some morphine earlier.

Hence the totally zonked mother.

But she was getting some good rest and I'm sure it was needed. For someone who doesn/t sleep well, she can use any help getting her body and mind all the relaxation she can get.

Good for me to be there though... medication questions came up that I could help answer, and I brought some things she'd need over the next day or so. There are i.v. antibiotics happening and hopefully nothing major wrong. Fortunate to have someone covering for me at work this a.m. so I can be here with her.

Hoisting a cup of coffee to her speedy recovery.

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