on the sidelines.

If it's not one thing, it's another! OY!

I torqued my shoulder and arm something fierce at the job on Friday. The report from the chirocracker is that it'll be a couple weeks of pain. I get to do a bunch of stretching with the pain and 3 appt's a week for the next couple weeks. My heart sinks at not being able to totally kick ass. And the truth is,  my left shoulder is mega messed up.

I sat and wallowed in some self pity most of the day, and then had to be with people I loved so I cooked dinner and my pal Richard came over.  Feeling emotionally better for sure.

I refuse to give in to what a friend told me the other day on the phone "We are just getting old!" I am not even 50 or even 49 for that matter!

The chiropractor is urging me strongly to stretch more and just make it a part of my routine like drinking coffee. She is telling me that now is the time I can make the difference in what my life will feel like in 30 years.

Everything happens for a reason.... right?

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