Got a text yesterday from a member of the Andy T/Nick Nixon Band telling me yesterday was our one year anniversary. I had totally forgotten that I had booked them the night before Halloweenus in Bisbee.  They are sweet to keep me in their thoughts. Of course I just wished I was on my way to Chicago with them...  And also a call from Jake Bain in VA saying how much he wished I was going on the run with Deoro that started yesterday. So, both bands I wish I was out touring with felt my absence one way or another.

So with a heartfelt longing and love for touring folks lingering in my skinbag as I mucked through ordering at work with our handheld machine down, I sunk deep into writing numbers down and the ones that didn't have numbers... well, I got to attempt to look them up on the ordering database. By 8 pm I had made more than a few statements to how much I hated my life at that very moment.  It's a system that needs updating badly.  My last statement as I walked out the door to my car was something like," Let me out that door... I am gonna go to my car and never come back.." Rough ordering night fo' sho'.

This morning is crisp, and I am pretty sure there might be some frost on a rooftop or two. The wee beach haus is congested with sound equipment everywhere, but there is a comfy spot on the couch where some jitter juice and interwebs can be fully appreciated from. Rachael Sage, Meg Hutchinson, Namoli, Amanda Palmer and others providing a playlist that soothes the leftover ooginess from last night. 

You know to counteract a bittersweet emotional hangover?

Say it with me... "More Coffee!"

Oh... and for my pal Meredith Tarr... I think there was some sports thing that pleased you greatly last night. If you are pleased, then so am I!

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