Foxy Lady?

After meeting with the social services rep and the rehab mgr at the rehab hospital.. KK and I visited The Mother Unit who was in good spirits.. feeling triumphant as a result of good PT.. after a well timed breathing treatment.. just before they took her to see how much exertion she could handle. It is good to see her mood elevated after doing something physical.

She does see the need to work hard to get outta there. Now if we could just get the extreme swelling in her lower legs and feet down, things might be looking decent. The immediate implications of her weakened state are overwhelming...

It's a One Day At A Time thing. Every day is being seen as a gift of getting to be with her. Making her laugh is the ultimate reward these days.

Been going to a bunch of AA meetings... Being closer to the recovery community I got sober in is comforting for sure. Heading to Bisbee today to grab some things, go by work for a bit, and get a wee haus fix. Certainly gonna miss the energy of my home for a bit. Gonna try to get to work as often as possible.. What the future holds is a big unknown for me and The Mother Unit.

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