T.. T.. T.. Tiny Town.

Back home.

11 Days gone.
The wee house was a bit of comfort to the somewhat turbulent sea I have been trying my best to look like a proficient swimmer in. I have gone in and out of being strong and lapsing into extreme worry. Everything is a bit of a worry.. but, I have to keep my shit together.  Having to come back and get some hours on the paycheck is beyond necessary. And leaving was gut wrenching. So grateful she has a round the clock care now and all kinds of physical/occupational therapy to try to build up her strength.

Uncharted territory for sure. And our Thanksgiving has wisely been cancelled till a much later date. That's fine by me. I ate enough those 11 days to make up for a few Thanksgivings. It's fitting that I have a fridge full of spoiled produce/food that will get tossed in the trash tomorrow. I gotta clean my act up. 

I did take some time out to play some pinball on Sunday and Monday. An old friend I reconnected with at the Black Cherry Burlesque show down here works at a place with an old Rollergames machine. She plied me down there with free club sodas. The machine was a good challenge and while I didn't get free games on points, I got quite close and know at some point in the near future I will make that machine bow down to my pinball prowess and claim a few free games by scoring the requisite (nearly 4 million) millions of points.

Got Cake "Love You Madly" playing loudly in the house... and I am savoring my coffee. It looks normal around here on the outside, but it's pretty much just a dog and pony show to keep you from seeing my fear. Be gentle world.. oh please, be gentle.

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