Who stepped up?

It's been a up and down week (over a week) for sure.

Now I'm holding out hope that the ups outweigh the downs.  Most of my downs have been pretty private, but I will say that besides my back trying to go out and eating my way to comfort.. the big balanacer for me has been my friends. They all stepped up to be uber supportive. 

My small handful of people I actually reach out to has been my saving grace for sanity, truth and wisdom as well as some laughter. So grateful.So lucky.

I maintain my hopeful joo joo this morning as I finish up my second batch of french presser jitter juice and get ready to go visit The Mother Unit.

Looks like it's gonna be a beautiful day...

Please, someone smack my hand as I reach for those potato chips...

1 comment:

Paintress Gretchen said...

We love you Wen! I will not smack your hand away from potato chips, as I know you probably don't have kale chips right now!