The best and the not so best.

After I got into Bisbee, I immediately parked the car and walked into town to get my mail and hit the bank for my replacement debit card before close of business.

I was greeted by smiling faces and psychic messages from bank personnel... yes.. really.  I was comforted by it all..as what my bank friend said had everything to do with healing for my mother. She is gonna do some distance reiki for her. Sign her up! I am all for anything that helps her in any way.

That was all within less than an hour of being back in Tiny Town.

(Cue the applause for Bisbee please.)

Then it was time to go to Kelly's for a vegan sloppy joe. She mixed a Martha Stewart recipe with an Emeril Lagasse recipe and this pricey vegan ground beefless stuff we saw at Whole Foods and it was the abso-freakin-loot BEST EVER! She nailed it... so delish! And then we watched the first part of the Lifetime (Television for Women)  Donatella Versace thingy with Gina Gershon. Trashy and perfect. Loved it.

This morning was less stellar of a start as I had left all of my coffee in Tucson and I had several bags of coffee that my neighbor had left on my porch. She roasts boutique batches. It's usually tasty, but not near dark enough for my not that well trained coffee palate. I like it dark and syrupy. So this morning has my coffee seeking self thrown for a curve and doing what I can to adjust.

And with that coffee came the checking of the email and a note from a dear friend in CT wishing me all kinds of awesome love and support after a sleepless night led her to check on the wee bloggy in a fit of crazy, middle of the night, sleepless boredom... I can imagine that seeing the last few weeks of my accounting of The Mother Unit's health crisis would be a bit overwhelming. But she also totally got it... and has been there and offered up words of wisdom. So, the coffee may be off... but my heart feels the goodness in the universe this morning.

I'll take it.

Plus, it's over 50 degrees in the house this morning with minimal heating last night and no heat left on... the cold snap has not hit yet. P.J. Harvey is serenading me.. it's time to make some oats and get this day going.

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