Wish Me Luck.

OK then...

Today is the day The Mother Unit comes home.  I'm so glad she is finally getting back to her own home and to her reunion with her dog (tomorrow) and a more normal existence. I have no real idea what this is going to mean for me. I don't know what she's really going to be able to do on her own.

And, what the new normal is has yet to be determined.

There should be some outside help initially..  So I get to learn to step back and let others do things for her here at home too. Open mind... open heart... every day is a gift.

I'm taking my last few moments this morning alone to be quiet and kinda get grounded so I can think clearly today. At least that's my intent. And I'm drinking lots of coffee... my one true friend that is caffeine.. fueling me to a day that has me both excited and apprehensive.

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