Let's get the party started?

Not really any party. Nothing like that to start. But there does seem to be some energy shifting around here. Maybe it's just the world waking back up from the holidays? I may not be super busy, but I do have a couple things on the docket. And the 4 Runner I got and re-did with the help of my mechanic may be sold. That's be good! More good energy.. and things moving forward.

And, the gratitude for not being in the middle of a winter blizzard (poor east coasties) and only having to deal with light rain and cold weather but not freezing cold tonight. There are all kinds of reasons to be grateful. I'm reading a book that's giving me some good insight on life, and there is good stuff a few weeks away in the form of getting to see my pals The Andy T Nick Nixon Band, and Folk Alliance.

So that means I am done bitching.

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