Frozen fingers.

There was indeed a temperature drop over the last several hours.  I cannot seem to get my hands warm at all, and watching my breath as I type is as entertaining as it is slightly unnerving. I can out up with a fair amount of cold in the house. I didn't realize it was gonna get so chilly in the wee house though. It's 44 degrees in the living room. Not "freeze the dish soap cold" but cold by all accounts.

I made black beans with cayenne for bfast, and am waiting for my body to heat up a bit.

I spent the evening down in town at The Quarry listening to a singer songwriter from Phoenix. Talented young lady Named Korbe Canida. She definitely has some pipes, and I actually stuck around for nearly an hour and a half.  I'm just getting my brain wrapped around this genre again for my trip to Folk Alliance next month. And, I am supporting this local venue because I really appreciate the attitude of the young lady running it. There is something to be said for knowing what you want to create, and going head first with gusto! I do love that.

That's also partly why I put The Andy T Nick Nixon Band there for the upcoming 2/12 show in Bisbee. I want to help this young gal Dan out by bringing some quality entertainment... and, also, there was no way in hell that band would have managed a 3 floor walk up load in at Roka.

Know your limits, kids!

I am still freezing. I guess a 110 degree shower might help (for a lot of reasons).

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