Things I learned today.

From listening to the Bisbee City Council Meeting live, I leaned that Bisbee has a heroin problem.

From Facebook I saw that the Amazing Gretchen Baer got 5k donated by the best damn coffee roaster I know, Seth Appel. That is soooooo sweet!

I saw a picture on twitter where Ruth Bader Ginsburg hugged the POTUS and it was genuine affection.

I saw an ad for a eco-friendly urn that you essentially put your ashes in and it comes with a seed for a tree.. and you put you ashes in this  thing and plant it and you become fertilizer and base for a tree for your uber hippie afterlife.

And related to that, President Obama musta given a helluva great SOTU Address. Because the twitter is blowing up with appreciation and respect.

And the best part of the day was getting home and having my house not be freezing cold. I came into a house that was a steamy 56 degrees! Do you know how many hours it usually takes me to get my house that warm? Long. Damn. Time.

It's not still 56 in here, but it's not bad.

A good day all in all.

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