One day at a time.

Cooling trend over here... but nothing serious.  Only expecting a high of 49 today in Tiny Town.

You could say the "cooling trend" has been upon my world since December. Really, the amount of "hard to ask for work" emails and phone calls has been a good lesson. I am not a fan of reaching out to folks who may have some influence in order to be able to do the job I love. I have had zero luck getting anything new started as of yet.Hence the cooling trend...

In the meantime I have picked up a couple shifts at the co-op which is good.

The radio silence from my usual music sources is unnerving, but it has nothing to do with me.. and I just need to power through. I will in fact be fine. I always am.  Must be meant to look around and be present with what is here in front of me right now.

So I will flyer the town today for the upcoming Andy T Nick Nixon show here in Bisbee on Feb 12th, and then I'll do laundry, probably check in on The Mother Unit via phone, and then juice a huge amount of kale that the co-op handed me and get some good green in my gizzards That should get me all the way to lunch time. 

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