That Day. Tax Day.

If you know me, you know I was a former troubled person regarding the tax man.

Big time.

It's been years since I ran and hid from the tax man, and used to wake up to paralyzing fears. My taxes were done before I went to VA. I don't make much money anymore, and my taxes are no exactly simple, so I have a trusted relatively affordable professional in Bisbee who makes it all better. I woke up this morning not freaking out about tax day and that is a real gratitude thing. I have been a good non-tax evading citizen for so many years now!

And, I have yet another lesson in letting go... my call with the TM Supreme got indefinitely postponed and tour managing on a higher level has once again proven to be an opportunity to let go and it's gonna be what it's gonna be.  It's not gonna be an immediate answer if I get an answer at all.  I'm getting good at letting it go. I am pretty pleased that I had the good interaction I did. And I won't give up on trying to find more touring runs...

It's a beautiful day here in AZ. The Mother Unit and  I are gonna hang with my pal Elizabeth and run around this morning then we are gonna watch the Game of Thrones season premier and maybe "Going Clear" the Scientology movie.. both of which I promised the pal I would watch with her. Great way to acclimate to the desert.. by staying inside and watch some much anticipated tv with people I love.

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