Two things.

I really wanted to get The Mother Unit a tablet for her 81st birthday. She said she didn't want one.  I let it go. Till now.

She watched the Frank Sinatra bio on HBO yesterday and commented that watching that and hearing the music reminded her of some of the best times of her life. I knew I needed to amass a Sinatra collection for her to listen to on some device. Then I was able to log in to HBO GO this morning and I was keenly aware that a tablet with music and wi-fi would be the best thing for The Mother Unit for when she starts her dialysis in the coming months. 

This morning I mentioned that she could watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones from the very beginning...  she is in! She is agreeing to have a tablet! My heart is happy.

The Mother Unit cruised around town with her Pussy Posse yesterday in the Scion.. we had our breakfast, got the Game of Thrones season premier watched, got her to her blood draw appt, picked up lunch, watched Going Clear" and when all was said and done, she said it was a very full day but a good one. Today is errands and tablet shopping for her and patio furniture shopping with a pal.. I am pondering a possible quick drive out to San Diego since I have no work on deck.  I wanna see my pals there and I would love to get a decent gauge on the mpg of the Xb.

We shall see how it all shakes out.

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