In it.. This cleanse is something you gotta do something every 2 hours or so. Shakes, supplements, some clean food, repeat. All the way through bedtime.

The time off is appreciated so I an do this thing with all my heart. I got my cooler up and running with only one trip to the hardware store and about 2 hours total tinker time. The wee house went from 80 degrees inside to about 68 degrees in about an hour. And rebuilt/adjusted the side gate to close better to boot!

Patting myself on the back.

Gotta de-spider the front porch today and pull all of the cold weather clothing from the drawers/closets and maybe just get rid of a bunch of stuff while I'm at it. Fat or not as fat, there are plenty of clothes I don't wear. It's time.

Spring cleaning while it's still Spring! How about that?

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