Bursting with green.

The desert is green! Wow! In the short time I was gone, all the trees filled out, and the desert is happy. I rolled into Tiny Town around 12 noon and promptly parked the car and walked to the post office. I got in a visit with my bank ladies, and my pal Colleen before running into Venus De Mars who was driving Gretchen's Hillary car (she is in town for Bisbee Pride Next week) so it's the usual small town re-immersion... lots of hello's, and then haul back up the hill.

 I will tackle getting my swamp cooler up and running tomorrow, along with starting a cleanse. Gawd help me... 14 days of hardcore cleanse. But I need the reset of my mind and body badly. It puts me in Franklin TN for the Blackberry Jam the day after the cleanse is over. A dangerous place to be as far as eating clean goes. But I gotta do it... enough is enough. backing off of social media and just doing what is in front of my... the house as usual is in need of attention so I am gonna be a good girl and do a week's worth of stuff for myself for a change.

And I might paint my bathroom.. sounds like a good plan all around.

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