Same Difference Documentary.

Same Difference Trailer from Same Difference Film on Vimeo.

Here is the trailer for the documentary I went to be support for with Dave Eggar this last week. I cannot truly express my range of emotion around these last few days. But some of it is this:


Initially, I only knew I was going to support the guys who did the music... I had no idea I'd be asking how I could help get the word for this film out. I hung with the director, the doctor/researcher who had staggering statistics on gay kids getting bullied, and several people from the film. There was a vibrant energy that was pretty damn electric in this crowd... and that was coupled with a sense of wanting to get this to as many people as possible to bring this issue of how gay kids get bullied in schools to the forefront. So much work to do. And I guess maybe that is something I can do in my under-employed times.

Help get this word out.

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