The effects of gluten?

I went gluten free last summer when I started that ill-fated tour with that female artist. Seemed like it would be a good experiment, and my pal Ray in Bisbee had told me his body stopped hurting after he gave it up.

So I have been 99% gluten free ( a very small cheat here and there till this past trip to ABQ.  And lemme tell ya, my body did not appreciate it! I got a little rash on my face, and my heels actually have been hurting soooo bad at the end of the day and in the morning. Ugh! But, I am back off the gluten and the rash is subsiding, and the heel pain is lessening.

Serious reasons to keep the gluten reserved for the occasional Bischoff cookie on a Delta flight..

And as I type this, The Mother Unit is doing a little heavy Barca-Lounger dozing as she is all Xanaxe'd up in preparation for an outpatient medical procedure this morning..  I am so grateful she is more proactive in her dealings with anxiety.  Maybe we will stop by the pot shop and get her some lemon bars today?  Here's to hoping the procedure (a balloon in an artery) goes better than the last time they tried it. I know we all just want some easy sailing for her health-wise. 

The only bee in my bonnet is that she is sleeping when we should be watching Game of Thrones. Guess I'll have another cuppa jitter juice.

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