Formal wear and the like.

There is hoopla in the near future. A quick trip to grab bow toes and such for the guys happened after breakfast and now it's the calm before the storm. I may or may not be at the event... I may just be driving the guys to it. Which means I get to go to Mellow Mushroom for dinner if I am not in attendance. So either way it'll be a great night!

I am so impressed with Dave and his stamina. This guy never gets a moment to just chill.. a true wunderkind of all things music.

I am feeling like there is not much more out there for me and maybe it's time to focus on Bisbee and just being in my tiny town. I love tour managing, but my opportunities are so limited.

I guess we shall see what each day holds and I just get to do the next right thing in front of me.

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