Oh music.

First chance to kinda relax. We drove to Knoxville from the uber successful gig last night and then this morning we departed for our secret location that we are not allowed to talk about till Sunday. People Magazine has the exclusive and I can respect that.

 During the drive I managed to get Dave doing a bit of making charts for our event tomorrow..

And now I just kinda cruise.. I opted out of the shindig tonight. Dave has some good buddies to take care of he and Mario tonight, so I am gonna get a really full good night's sleep for the first time in about 9 days. One of my silly favorite parts of the day was getting to go to Mellow Mushroom for tempeh subs.. one of my all-time fave road food stops. Made the halfway point of the drive perfect.

Every show on this tour has been a big success. That does the heart good.  Two more days and then my touring for the year is over and it'll be an interesting time for me for sure when I get home.

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