Run Boy Run in Bisbee.

Great turnout for last night's big bluegrass show!

This shot from the end of the chilly Bisbee night that had a fantastic crowd at the Run Boy Run show at The Courtyard. We all bundled up accordingly and the band did what they do best... warmed us up from the inside out!

There are so many great things I could say about this band but the most important thing I will say is this.. do not miss them! They are fantastic! So grateful to have had a chance to get them here to Tiny Town!

 My pals Dan and Puspa who own the courtyard really provided the most amazing space for this event! I am just so pleased! They worked harder than anyone to make this event happen... not to be unrewarded by me for sure.

 Breakfast with the band this morning then off to a super long day at work with an unplanned few hours most likely needed tomorrow there too.. Eating season is upon us. And the wee co-op is getting busier each year.

Did I mention we have 90 turkeys coming in Tuesday?
90. Turkeys.
That's a bunch of fowl...

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