Moving forward..

All I know is that I am just doing what is in front of me.

I haven't really had any time to truly relax, or clean the house but I am getting things I committed to doing done. After this week, I have a wee break.. then back to work and Bisbee Film Festival the week of Nov 18-22. After that? I can breathe.

Pretty much a coast thru the end of the year from there on. One or two musicians coming thru, and no trips planned. That'll be good, because I need to devise a plan for meals for my mom because she has no energy to cook.

There are some energetic shifts happening around me. I know that sounds woo woo, but I am just leading by example as I watch these things do what they do. Some good, some bad..   I'll stand strong for those that need a boost, and help when I can. I'm just happy that I have my head screwed on fairly straight these days so I can be present.

Today I feel like a damn fine human being.

Thank you, Coffee!

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