Coffee with a new friend.

This little creature (it's a fox) is getting infused with some good joo joo this morning.

I am mailing it off to a friend as a gift. Bisbee made, and filled with all of the goodness one could ask for in a sweet, silly, hand sewn creature. It's perfect.

I am tired. I admit it. Great weekend tho!

Halloween was fun, and from start to finish it was pretty jovial and non-stop. The costumes Elizabeth and I grabbed were fun, but hers malfunctioned and we packed it in kinda early... but we left our mark on the town for sure:

And after that on Sunday it was time for the Dia De Los Muertos Art Show at Central School where My bestie had her first pieces in a show in her new town.

and here with Diane Bombshelter..

The event was organized by my pal Juliette Beaumont, and that's her on the right with Carolyn Crane. And well... you know me.

Some really good stuff happening here in Tiny Town. I have too much on my plate till the end of November, but at least I won't be bored. And, I have a kitchen to shift/empty out to make way for the soulmate machine . Maybe by Christmas I will have it paid off... so I do have a little time to figure out the real plan. For now I am just packing some boxes.

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