Off and on now off.

And as is standard procedure for me... I have signed off of some social media. I get oogie about it more often than not. And as I am not actively promoting and big shows, I have so much less need for it. Of course I will miss a few birthday notices... but aside from that, it's really only my pal Elizabeth that will truly razz me about it. But now even that may not be as apt to happen since we live in the same town? I have an ass-kicker of a day ahead with Bisbee Film Fest duties and.. I have to provide sound for a band that I got a slot at The Grand for.. dammit. Never again. Bring your own, or pay me to do sound. Too much on my plate and the lesson is officially learned. All of the sound guys in town will be at the Doug Stanhope show tonight so that's where it all fell apart. Like I said... lesson learned. Ok then! Time to pull it all together and get sound gear out and into the Xb. I have no time to dawdle.

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