Bisbee door.

This is on the backside of the Kilimanjaro... and it's delicious.

Last day of The Bisbee Film Festival. It's been great to be a part of a good team of people committed to bringing great films and film makers as well as producers and subjects to Tiny Town to engage in truly inspiring conversations. The feedback from everyone has been that of gratitude and that this has been fantastic for the community and several locals said how proud they were of Bisbee to have something like this here.

That is pretty damn special.

I feel grateful myself to have been a part of it. This last day has me emotionally preparing to kickass for this one last day. I get back to real duties as of tomorrow... and I think I am on the schedule at the co-op this next week (I should probably check tho just in case I am not..) and then of course there is a bunch of cooking for The Mother Unit for the day of gorging. 

I am waiting for word on a possible last minute trip up to the northern wilds... but until I have word from the receiving parties, I am basically just settling in and ready to make some money to refill the coffers. I have things that need to be fixed around the house, and I have  essentially the whole month of January where I am not earning a cent in actual dollars but getting paid in gazillions in love and community. 

To get myself in the mood for all that lies ahead I am watching Brene Brown videos on the interwebs to give myself the shove I need to believe in myself and just move forward for all the right reasons. 

No... I don't do life very conventionally.
Yes... I make mistakes. 
I'm just gonna follow my gut feeling and take full responsibility for what happens next.

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